Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Zeitgeist: Over-hyped stuff from 2004

Another list posted on blogcritics of overhyped events, people, etc. was criticized by some as being too culture-sensitive. The following list is proposed as over-hyped stuff in 2004.

1. The Peterson case
(Talking heads)

2. Elections, the world over
(More talking heads)

3. Inflation
(Not quite as high as some thought)

4. Google
(IPO, censorship, Google everywhere)

5. The Terror Alert System
(Color matching your clothes to the alert didn't quite take off)

6. Conspiracy theories
(cookie cutter theories - roll your own)

7. Firefox, open source toppling closed source, et al
(Wishful thinking - for now)

8. Billionaires
(If they aren't babes, they're not worth talking about)

9. Obesity
(Low carb, big losers et al)

10. Ringtones

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