Monday, December 06, 2004


daybyday considers the UN-stability and the possibility of Vaclav Havel being the next Secretary-General.


Glenn Reynolds discusses the Vaclav Havel/Kofi Annan situation in the Wall Street Journal on Monday

The real issue is possibly enhancing the credibility of the post, whoever the occupant, so that pronouncements by the Secretary-General are not treated as those of a paper tiger. Of course, that comes with the credibility of the occupant of the post. Much like the Presidency of the United States, come to think of it. Bill Clinton's travails worldwide made him seem less effective as a President and Tom DeLay's potential indictment is damaging to his stature. In India, for example, there was a hue and cry when Laloo Prasad Yadav, Chief Minister of Bihar was convicted for a criminal offence and chose to appoint his wife to serve in his stead while he went to prison.

People in high places cannot be sullied with negative aspersions and not face them squarely.

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