Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Review: Careful What You Wish For

Karma Fly

Amazon Theater's final offering in the five pieces on karma is "Careful What You Wish For", a film about the relative worth of things and how every kiss might end with a flyswatter. It redeems the American woman from Glenn Reynolds' question about what America's jewelers might think about her

Since the film is so short, one will not delve too deeply into the plot. Suffice it to say that an American husband 'fesses up to his wife for a certain indiscretion thirty years ago and someone gets what's coming to him, or it. The short film is intensely layered, with close cutting between characters and what seem initially like two connected stories.Darryl Hannah has a bit part, as a guitarist down on her luck.

The camera is used in a neo-realistic manner, almost voyeuristically. The sound track is, appropriately enough, called "White Noise".The film is directed by the mysterious Acne. The story is by Greg Hahn, who also wrote Amazon Theater's earlier "Portrait", and "Do Geese See God?" And no, Jeff Bezos does not appear in the film, except perhaps in inspiration for the film's tagline "Can't is Can with Markup" - that fits the Amazon experience pretty well, methinks.

To sum up the festival of shorts from Amazon Theater, they've been fun to watch, and for the most part, not obtrusive in product placement. Permalinks to reviews of all the films are in the left sidebar. Thanks, Glenn, for the references - and traffic. Do stick around and explore this blog.

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