Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fans pay tribute to Dimebag Darrell

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram provides an excellent report on the public memorial service to Dimebag Darrell.
A tippling Eddie Van Halen and former Ozzy Osbourne guitar player Zakk Wylde traded anecdotes about Abbott in front of three large video screens that carried images of the departed star, 38, who continued to call Texas home even after winning international renown with Pantera.

Van Halen put his cellphone up to the microphone and played a message that Abbott had left him recently. The center went silent. Abbott told Van Halen how much he admired him and was glad to have had a chance to work with him.
Many of the musicians and entertainment figures paid their respects at Arlington services earlier in the day.

"They had him dressed exactly as you would find him on stage," said comedian Mark Britten, who attended the services. He said Abbott was laid out in camouflage shorts with a yellow-and-black guitar that Van Halen had given him. "As bad as it is, he had a very good send off."
.......Vinnie Paul Abbott took the stage and pulled a life-size cutout of his brother close to him. Darrell Abbott gave his heart to everyone, his brother said. "He went down doing something he loved; he loved playing guitar."

"The brightest star in Texas is shining tonight. That's my brother Dimebag. Give it up."

The fans erupted.

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