Thursday, December 02, 2004

Top Tubes

Top Tubes - Which high-end television is best? By Fred Kaplan - looks at the dizzying array of hi-def television choices. Gizmodo has more on displays

I'm still happy with my 27-inch CRT. For me, aural accuracy is more important, and so my setup is like this:

My XBox Console - doubles up as a DVD Player/gaming console - hooks up to my Yamaha 6.1 home theater system, acoustically balanaced and arranged for optimal aural depth. My DVR provides both 5.1 and stereo output. The Yamaha converts the stereo to Dolby ProLogic so that sounds good too.

My music comes from the server via an inexpensive Belkin Tunecast Pro II - FM transmission - I've found 89.3 FM to be very clear in my area. This allows me to switch over to AOL's excellent radio service anytime.

Being a firm believer that content of the message is more important than the presentation, I stock up with Netflix movies, besides all the OnDemand channels - covering about 10 movies a week.

Recently viewed: Dogma, The Wire, The Terminal, Veer-Zaara

Wanted: Yamaha's YSP-1 "Digital Sound Projector"

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