Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Getflics: The Royal Scam

Here's a likely scam for you: Unlimited downloads of movies @ $1.99 per month. While the site might sound like a next-generation version of Netflix, down to the tag lines and visuals, deeper digging turns up some fishy details.

Firstly, movies still in theaters are available on the site, including National Treasure and Ocean's Twelve - last I heard, the MPAA hadn't announced any changes in the delayed DVD policy. Secondly, has at least one complaint from a disgruntled user,
On December 20 of 2004 I purchased online a membership to getflics. I used my Discover card to pay $23.88.

This membership was supposed to give me unlimited access to a movie database for one year. I signed up for a 7 day free trial that would rollover to the one year subscription automaticaly unless I cancelled within 7 days. I didn't get anything for my payment. Nothing at all.

The password and ID they assigned me does not work. I tried numerous times to no avail. They refused to reissue me another ID and password! (So right there I'm dead in the water. I can't get into anything without a password and ID)

After I paid the membership fee and after at least an hour of hacking I got to view the movie database. It's nearly all pornographic! I don't want porno.

I phoned them via an 888 number. Explained the situation. The woman told me that she wouldn't credit my discover card because I "signed up for a one year membership and it's started". (It didn't make much sense to me either) I asked her about the seven day free trial. She said "That's not what you clicked on". I told that I wanted my money back or I would complain loudly. She told me "complain all you want to. Your not getting a refund".

Long discussion at AnandTech

Excellent investigative work on this forum shows:


Created on..............: Thu, Nov 20, 2003
Expires on..............: Sun, Nov 20, 2005
Record last updated on..: Thu, Feb 19, 2004

Administrative Contact:
b-unit consulting
christopher bridgewood
775 Park Avenue Suite 110 # 3
Huntington, ny 11743
Phone: 5167791818
Fax..: 6317558005
Email: is owned by 'chris bridgwood' (notice the spelling diff) of 33 apple lane, commack, NY
Corporate Headquarters: 31 E. 32nd Street, NY NY 10016 1.212.481.8484*362 (Across From Empire State Building) (LOL)

on October 22, 1999 'ATF Arrests Convicted Felons of Selling Guns and Drugs to Undercover Officers': "STEVEN and NICOLE PERAGINE, ages 33 and 27, of 33 Apple Lane, Comack, N.Y"

What is truly sad is that this gimmick/scam could kill the nascent pay-per-download business even before it proves itself as a viable medium for content distribution. I am a satisfied customer of both MovieLink and Netflix, and there is nothing better I would like to see than the two models merge.


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