Friday, December 17, 2004

We The People

The US Census bureau has released a report based on the 2000 US Census about Asian Americans in the United States(pdf). Some highlights and reactions:
  • About 60 percent of all Asians were married, somewhat higher
    than the proportion for the total population.

  • Almost four-fifths of Asians spoke a language other than English at home,
    but about three-fifths spoke English “very well.”

  • A higher proportion of Asians (44 percent) than of the total population
    (24 percent) had earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Asian Indians had the highest
    percentage with a bachelor’s degree, about 64 percent, Japanese had the highest proportion (91 percent) with at least a high school education.

  • Asians were more likely than the total population to be in management,
    professional, and related occupations. About 45 percent of Asians were
    employed in management, professional, and related occupations, compared with 34 percent of the total population

  • Asian men and women who worked year-round, full-time had higher median earnings than all men and women.

  • The median annual income of Asian families was higher than the median of
    all families.

  • Homeownership was relatively lower for Asians than the total U.S. population.

Comments at the Times Of India and the LA Times(sub)

Personally, one is pleased. Possible reasons are the intense competitiveness in all spheres - education, work, etc. in Asia, as well as relatively high levels of education.

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