Monday, May 31, 2004

Writing and myself - I

I have always enjoyed writing - it is a marvelous means of creating new selves, discarding them, and recreating them. There are no limits - one can be teacher, lover, slave, and animal.

I have started publishing erotic stories on - a great site for erotic stories. I've set myself a mission of publishing a story in every category on their site.

My stories are here

My most recent story is dedicated to the significant changes that have occurred in MA - now people who want to be together can BE together, irrespective of gender. This did bring a tear to my eye. Self is intimately related to gender. The feeling of being denied a mode of expression because of one's gender is to disallow the expression of one's self. 'Nuff said - the story is titled "Dawn of a new day"

Monday, May 24, 2004

Identity in the online world was earlier exemplified by the New Yorker cartoon now famous. I chanced on an update here

For some reason, there's no attribution, but it updates the theme rather well.

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