Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ardent Dell Fan

Dell's new Axim X50 PDAs are flying off the shelves. Long waits for shipping for some, and easy quick delivery for others (like yours truly) One ardent customer from Australia could not wait for his shipment and hopped over to the Dell global warehouse in Botany, Australia. He's blogged (Phlogged) about visiting the mega-warehouse on his photo-blog.

I'm In!

Found a guard, named Shane, walking behind the fence in a bright yellow shirt. "You're here to see Ben, mate? Come through, he's expecting you".

I can't believe what's in front of me right now. Thousands (some piled to the roof) of Dell PCs, printers, servers and accessories.

This is the one photo Shane will let me take of the BAX Global warehouse. "Too risky for us to let you go nuts scoping the place out, mate. I'm sure you understand". Top
bloke. There's about 10x as much stuff in this one warehouse as you can see here.

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