Thursday, September 24, 2009

Commercial content OK?

It appears that commercial content is fine on Sidewiki as it is not forbidden by these policies. That may lead to complex brand management challenges, but also be the ultimate CRM tool.

in reference to: Sidewiki : Program Policies - Toolbar Help (view on Google Sidewiki)

API Needed

We need an API for Google Sidewiki, and particularly publisher-related features

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Desicritics - A Global Magazine with a South Asian Focus

Desicritics cover the planet from Carrollton to Calcutta, and points between. You get high quality news, opinions, and reviews across a wide variety of fronts AND you get the funky, eclectic, personality-driven spirit of the blogosphere all in one package.

You also get an opportunity to be a part of the very visible South Asian global dynamic. The sub-continent is recognized as a key brick in the global wall, and your contributions will help foster this visibility.

We cover media, culture, politics, sports and more with a global South Asian focus. Desicritics get access to a global audience, as well as an uninhibited platform to opinionate. It is part of the Blogcritics network of sites, and of Technorati Media.

We are a recognized primary source for news and opinion on topics of global South Asian interest, and our open, no-holds barred approach to issues has brought us writers who paint every shade of an issue for our loyal readers.

If you can write lucidly and are opinionated, then you will fit right in with our 'sinister cabal'. We are looking for reviews, news, interviews, commentary and opinion. You can be as eccentric, bizarre, creative, opinionated, specific, or broad-based as you like.

We only require that you be accurate and give your best effort in your posts.

Your posts get a wide audience, with an open comments space that enables reader participation, like few media channels do. We are an official Google News source, with numerous front page stories. We're indexed by Nexis.

Desicritics is about South Asia and the world, including about what South Asians think about no matter what topic

If this community sounds interesting to you, send Desicritics an email. Please include your personal blog or website URL, your preferred nick-name under which your articles will appear (not necessarily your own), and your interests.

in reference to: Media, Culture, Politics, Sports and More with a South Asian Focus (view on Google Sidewiki)

Opt-out of SideWiki

Why does Google not have an opt-out for this service? This action IS EVIL - I am updating my site's terms of service to explicitly exclude any liability for comments posted on third party services (like Sidewiki) but visible on the site, and encourage others to consider this.

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"It robs my site of much of its value"
- Google Sidewiki: Danger « BuzzMachine (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kensei, our Cat

Kensei, our Cat
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Follow Friday is derived from Furry Friday, so here's a furry friend for you:

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