Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Willing To Swap

Look no further to satisfy your wildest dreams - a moment you've been waiting for. The fulfilment of a fantasy so unreal it will make your grandmother blush.

I can't believe I'm willing to make this offer. After waiting, and waiting, having my hopes dashed time and again, promises made and not kept, the day finally dawned on Tuesday, the 9th of November. By all rights I should be home with the fulfilment of my dreams - the one I've waited two years for.

Somehow, though, I'm not. Call it sacrilegious, but I wish it was about a year hence and I had with me what I'm really waiting for.

So here goes - I'll give you Halo 2 on the PlayStation 2 - if you'll give me GTA - San Andreas on the XBox now.

I mean, think about it. Consider Master Chief pounding across your television screen on your PS2. The fragfest, the Covenant Elite, the protection of Earth. Double-handed weapons and maneuvering the Ghost - nothing could be better, right?

Well, I'd rather be pounding the streets of Los Santos, while I rake up respect. I wish I was playing in the casinos of Las Venturas, jacking a Triad vehicle or just flexing my muscles in the gym.
gta sa
Unfortunately for me, though, those mysterious exclusivity clauses in the Rockstar contract preclude my satisfaction. Therefore I must either satisfy myself with the older members of the Rockstar family, or forfeit my passion for the doubtless satisfying but inadequate pleasures of the new chief on the block.

halo 2

Note: I couldn't really resist and bought Halo 2 yesterday. My first impressions are at

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