Saturday, November 20, 2004

Finding North in Texas

Sometimes where you are heading isn't where you end up going. Especially in the post-modern urban zeitgeist. Finding North is a film about friendship, romance and a road trip featuring a 30-year old Jewish princess and a casual gay New Yorker mourning the loss of his husband.

She encounters him, first as a jumper from the Brooklyn Bridge, then assumes he is a birthday stripper and ends up tagging along with him to Texas, where he must fulfil a series of oddball tasks set him as a coda on a tape left him by his lover. The characterization is strong, the humor pithy and dark, and lessons are learnt without being boring.

Intelligent direction by Tanya Wexler is coupled with gentle acting by John Benjamin Hickey. Wendy Makkena's slightly off-the-wall Brooklyn jitter is right at home in Red State Texas. The Texans are warm, friendly and accepting even though the local movie theater shows a sign saying "He said Commandments, not Suggestions"

Films like this should possibly be required watching for anyone contemplating the gay marriage debate. The denouement is perhaps the dark scene in the cemetery where Travis lays to rest his past, in a way and moves on to find North, jellybeans, love and all.

"Sure as hell can't get any further South, might as well start finding North"

That sounds like pretty good advice for a fractured world.
Finding North

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