Sunday, November 21, 2004

Peace In The Name Of Love

I just finished watching The Passion, after putting it off for a very long time. As a film qua film, it is powerful and well-made. It draws a lot from films like The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, particularly in the early scenes, but has an original auteur-like flair.

As I began this review, I came across this positive piece on an anti-violence march in Cologne - a much needed reaction that multiplied, can make a difference. Of course, one would expect apologies by Government bodies when they kill in the name of peace, just as we applaud peace in the name of love.

The Bodhisattva Jesus did just that - his underlying compassion made him powerful, yet he died a Buddha, as he realized just before death that "It has been accomplished". The life condition at death is that which persists, into the undiscovered country.

To take on the karma of so many people is the burden of a Bodhisattva, for they remain on the earth to strive for the happiness of others. It is the price they pay for their compassion.


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