Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Review: Do Geese See God?, We, I've r

One has begun to look forward to Tuesdays and Amazon Theater's short film releases. The latest offering "Do Geese See God" is directed by music video director David Slade, and stars Blair Underwood.

Without giving too much away, the short film packs quite a bit of punch in it's tale of an urban man who must be at certain places at set times, directed by voices from animated vaudeville shorts, a bum's cell phone and subway payphones. The man is evidently searching for answers, and his Sisyphean labors are doomed to repeat until he finds them. He perhaps does so, in a bouquet of flowers, but then again, that might be another loop he must break, much like the quotidian realities we weave.

The product placement, as always in these made-for-retail shorts, is tight, though at times unaccountable. viz. a bum wearing K-Swiss Men's Classic shoes and toting an HP IPaq. The title is a common palindrome, made trite. It was perhaps better used in Wierd Al Yankovic's song 'Bob'. The inner salvation is mystical & ephemeral - a CD titled "Salvation Lies Inside" features a cartoon of dancing mice, the smell of a bouquet of roses is disturbed by the honking of car horns.

Blair Underwood puts his emotive skills to great use as Dr Awkward, his tension palpable, and amplified by the resonant beat. The soundtrack also features Pop Goes The Weasel, and at the climatic moment, Mozart's "Piano Concerto No 21".

David Slade has a full-length film coming out next year, Hard Candy, and has made various music videos.

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