Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Night Images

Things Bang
A great pic from a site on my blogroll - titled Things That Bang At Night - both the picture & the site

Another night picture - of San Francisco:
SFO by night

The night sky can be viewed live from various observatories

A marvelous view of sunset from space is at the Freeman institute - allegedly taken from the Columbia space shuttle on it's last mission - but that was an Internet hoax.

Actually, the notation about this image's having been "taken by the crew on board the Columbia during its last mission" was added only after the fatal break-up of the Space Shuttle Columbia upon its re-entry on 1 February 2003. Well before then, this picture had been circulating as a photograph "taken via satellite, on a cloudless day."

Although this image does accurately depict the landforms described and the positioning of lighted cities to the right of the day-night terminator line, it doesn't represent an actual Earth view one might see from space. This photograph is a digital composite formed by merging multiple images from different sources (primarily satellites).

Finally, the REM song - Nightswimming from Automatic For The People

The photograph reflects,
Every streetlight a reminder.
Nightswimming deserves a quiet night, deserves a quiet night.

After the long night most people put in on Tuesday, one hopes everyone has a good night - especially the Leader and the Contender

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