Sunday, November 28, 2004

Confidencias - A Portuguese Blog

Interesting blog - Confidencias - in Portuguese - Google English translation probably does not do it justice.
now your eyes follow this to run of letters, your nose try to guess the aroma that they emanate, your palpita heart in the sighs of the brief seconds where you read me there it are, the night becomes gloomy in the freshness of moonlight, becomes gloomy enters the luminosity of the stars continues to follow the letters, to devagar. the heart exalta, the body vibrates in joy, smiles. in running of the letters, in the dark one of the night, the words are freed and written in the paper: my love, these letters are for you, love you.

Some other interesting blogs are in the blogroll. One wishes one could understand more languages - I am conversant with French, German, and Hindi, besides English.

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