Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Review: Agent Orange

Amazon Theater gets more and more interesting. After last week's short film - Portrait by relative unknown <>, this week's offering is 'Agent Orange' by well-known director Tony Scott, who did films like Top Gun, Man On Fire and Enemy Of The State. He comments on Amazon Theater over at Amazon.

This film is a rapid video montage done using a hand-cranked camera and set in the confines of a subway station, possibly in LA. The visuals are rapid, imbued with green, yellow and orange hues, and set to music from Mozart's Marriage Of Figaro,Ruggiero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci and what sounds like Kid Rock's Baby, Come Home

You know I checked in New York City

On the streets and on the subways

And I looked around that tired town to find the one who loved me

I looked out in the Hamptons thought she'd be hangin' with them rich folks

But no she wasn't anywhere hangin' on the east coast

As usual, Orange Boy and Orange Girl are decked out in accoutrements drawn from Amazon's product list, such as the Fossil Orange Metal watch and Chuck Converse Taylor Hi-Tops in Tangerine. The innovative pi/2 discount by Amazon if you query and then buy via a9.com is an added bonus

In short, Orange Boy notices Orange Girl in the hubbub of a subway station, digicams her, see her again, misses her, posts wanted ads for her that do not last, and finalement, they meet, exchanging IM greetings to live Happily Ever After.

Trite and commercial, yet this short film encapsulates post-modern disconnectedness, the splintered transient urban life and impermenance of it all in a powerful manner. Notably, the only spoken dialogue, apart from station announcements, is a voice over soundbite intoning "The Best strategy is to move quickly"

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