Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Reshuffling The Deck

The first rearrangements in the house of cards that is a political structure, happen soon after an election. The reinvigorated Bush adminstration has announced the resignation of the head of the Justice Department, John Ashcroft, and the Commerce Secretary, Donald Evans. Link to handwritten letter of resignation here. Also, Drudge 'reported' this a couple of days ago - hmmm

According to the BBC,

Correspondents say Secretary of State Colin Powell, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta may also be considering their future.

On Friday, the State Department official in charge of counter-terrorism, Cofer Black, who reports to Mr Powell, announced he would be stepping down

In other countries, an appeasement of the multi-facted parliamentary parties is done by bloating the cabinet - India's cabinet has had 30+ ministers. The power of the cabinet, however, is often muzzled by checks and balances. A reshuffle can be done to return favors or to silence critics. This serves to keep a healthy tension between the head of state/prime minister and the cabinet. Oftentimes, though, the cabinet is only a rubberstamp for the policy dictates of the boss. In reality, all cabinets serve as mouthpieces for the bureaucrats & civil service.

As Humphrey might say, Yes, Prime Minister!

humphrey yes minister

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