Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Aftertastes and (first) second thoughts

Current,per Yahoo,
Kerry: 252
Bush: 274
Popular Vote:
Bush: 51%
Kerry: 48%

Drudge Bush wins
Matt Drudge says"Bush Wins" - Republicans retain control of House, Senate, White House. John Kerry concedes on 11/3/2004 with a very graceful speech. President Bush responds with conciliation

The popular vote's gone for Mr Bush, irrespective of electoral college niceties, elsewhere in the world, this would be a decisive win for Mr Bush.

I predicted Wisconsin for Kerry - at 11:00 PM CST, Nov 2
Yahoo & CNN have declared Wisconsin for Kerry

Wisconsin race for President
3540 of 3540 precincts - 100 percent
*** John F. Kerry Dem 1,488,935 - 50 percent
George W. Bush Rep 1,477,122 - 49 percent
Ralph Nader Ind 16,324 - 1 percent

Looks like Mr Nader affected at least one state closely.

Note: The following text is evidently out-dated - but preserved for record

It's all down to Ohio - official tally here.
FoxNews calls Ohio for Bush, NH for Kerry - 3 votes more needed
CNN calls the Kerry camp emoting "Sounds Of Silence" and asks what went wrong - opining - War not popular, but large divisions in US society causing rift, but CNN not comfortable granting victory - provisional ballots, lawsuits, etc. Ken Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State confirms on CNN that by law provisional ballots will not be counted for 11 days - and an honest count will be provided.good stand, but methinks that's another lawsuit waiting to happen

For the first time ever, CNN calls Ohio a Green State - Too close to call

CNN declares New Mexico a Green State, NOW BACK TO WHITE - Too close to call

The New Mexico officials have gone to bed, as have most of the Kerry supporters. The President is still up, restless, per CNN's blog
CNN reports Iowa voting machines breakdown. CNN gives Michigan to Kerry. CNN gives Nevada to Bush

John Edwards said, "We've waited four years for this victory. We can wait one more night. Every vote should be counted"

Now back to commentary.

Re Ohio irregularities, TalkingPoints,

Republicans make a lot about letting the people decide elections and not lawyers. But that's not how it's turning out tonight. Across the east and into the midwest, they're hitting the courts at every opportunity, trying to cut off as many opportunities to vote as possible

From Instapundit,

IS MSM REFRAINING FROM CALLING STATES FOR BUSH that they would call for Kerry if the numbers were running the other way?

Also From Instapundit,

AS I WRITE THIS, it looks like Bush will carry both the popular and the electoral votes solidly. Regardless of how you voted, that's good news for the country; we can finally put the cries of "selected, not elected" behind us and unify.

An excellent (first)second thoughts article on blogcritics

pieces written in the wake of defeat are inevitably tinged with disappointment and bitterness, while pieces written in victory are just as strongly clouded by happy emotion. So for the moment, not knowing how the election will turn out, I can sit calmly and dispassionately and consider (in a state of complete sobriety) what might unfold during the next few hours.

The entire event felt like a menage a trois gone bad, where the action was frantic, and then the woman left with the guy's best buddy, and both guys claimed they had won. In short, politics as usual. The party ends, everyone's tired out and the bitching begins. In the end, it's all oppo-sames, whoever wins, the new boss is the same as the old boss.

Andrew Sullivan says,

The youth vote doesn't seem to have turned out. Fascinating. We were all suckered on that one. I'm beginning to think Ohio may go for Bush, as the votes tick by. But I've learned one thing today: don't expect anything. Carville just said that Bush now has the "superior hand" in this election. I think he's right.

Andrew Sullivan updates himself and gives it to President Bush

Juan Cole is concerned
about international perceptions,

Given the talk in Washington about whether it is possible to reform the Arab world, I found the discussion this evening on al-Jazeera amusing.
The al-Jazeera anchor asked, "Do you believe the American electoral system can be reformed?"
This is getting embarrassing folks.

Prediction: Market pop tomorrow morning, losing 40 points by EOD
I was wrong - the market did give back some of initial pop up, but ended the day up - The Dow up 101 points. Profit taking & oil

Great image on Rockefeller center by NBC

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