Saturday, November 06, 2004

Weddings aren't easy

The Times of India reports that the Pakistan Supreme Court has forbidden the serving of food at weddings, allowing only the serving of hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks.

"Social evils emanating from such exploitative customs have not only added to the misery of the poor but have also put at stake their very existence," it said, quoting the judgement.
Now that's an unusual judgement. Just imagine - a wedding on the cheap.

Some advice to note in weddings

The next most important objective to remember when cutting the cake is NO FOOD FIGHTS. There are several common sense reasons for this. First the icing will ruin the bride's make-up for the remainder of the reception, it will also remain in any facial hair the groom might have, and lastly and most importantly, it will begin your married life on a very bad tone.
Don't humiliate and embarrass the person you just the food fights for later during the more relaxed wedding night activities.
Please Note: if the parents of the Bride, or Groom, are divorced, the "Mother" of the Bride, or the "Mother" of the Groom, sits on the first row, with the Father on the second row.

A notable wedding of recent memory was that of Tiger Woods to the Swedish model Elin Nordgren. The entire Sandy Lane luxury resort in Barbados was booked for a week.

The bride's family - including her mother, Swedish Immigration Minister Barbro Holmberg, and her identical twin sister Josefin - were not even told where they were being flown to when they left Sweden last weekend.

A white-netted pagoda was built on a hilltop with a sweeping view at the western end of the resort, and decorated with 10,000 red and black roses.

The menu at the reception that followed featured the finest caviar, blackened Scottish salmon and expensive champagne.

The entertainment was provided by '90s chart-toppers Hootie & The Blowfish, American Idol Kelly Clarkson and a spectacular fireworks display that reportedly lit up the entire west coast of the island nation.

The 120 guests, who included Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan, were all put up at the resort.

Wedding experts told The Scotsman that the ceremony could easily have cost more than US$1.5 million.

Now that's a wedding to remember, I'm sure.

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