Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Slacker's Guide To Winning Elections

After Michael Moore's smart but wasted effort to get out the slacker vote, we now learn that the reason they didn't bother voting in the end was because they were hacking the vote. The knock-yer-socks-funny expose is at IMAO.

Frank: So was it hard hacking the vote?
Hacker1: Sorta, but Diebold gave us easy to follow instructions.
Hacker2: We totally owned all the votes.
Hacker1: Totally.
Hacker2: It was funny to see the Democrats try and cheat the old-fashioned way. They can bring in all the dead people they want
to vote, but we'll just change their votes to Republican in the end.
Hacker1: (laughs) I bet you didn't know this, but Michael Moore voted for Bush.
Hacker2: (laughs) He doesn't know it either.

I guess that would be a good plot for a Kevin Smith movie


SlackersGuild had a 'Get out the vote' message - unfortunately the slacker editor posted it on the 4th of November.

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