Sunday, January 01, 2006

Watergate - The Blog

Dilip D'Souza speculates on how the Watergate story might have transpired in the current time, with blogs, google, et al

We do things differently now. The first thing we did was, we Googled "Watergate", and guess what? It didn't give us anything much. But we're fixing that fast. What we're doing is, we're mentioning "Republican" and "Watergate" and "bugging" on our blogs, and we're telling every other blogger we know to do the same, then we'll all link to each other's blogs like crazy. Pretty soon, when somebody Googles for Watergate, wham! The first hits they'll get will be ours, and they'll know that the Republicans bugged the place.
He misses the likelihood of the source being traced down and exposed as coming from a fax machine in Middletown, Ohio, with a trail back to the Rove King. (Tip-off: Desipundit)

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