Monday, January 16, 2006

Resolutions Of The Zeitgeist

I'm not one for resolutions, allowing change to happen as it does. A somewhat facetious list of resolutions from the Huffington Post caught my eye, though. Perhaps it was because the list effectively encapsulates the zeitgeist, as it were, through a prism of experience.

A few examples:

1) Never go to another Woody Allen movie.

He's well past that cringing stage we had at the late films of Billy
Wilder and Blake Edwards, into a mania that resembles a moth slamming
repeatedly into the naked light bulb he wrote about all those decades

5) Enjoy the success of others.

Think it's easy? Go ahead. You try it.

10) Not to panic.Ever since a certain brilliantly clear autumn day back in 2001, I
have tended to view every development in human events as a portend of
the apocalypse.

Tragedy and hope.

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