Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ariel Sharon - The Clouds Gather

Obituaries are being prepped, knives honed and mourning clothes ironed.

All for a man who exerts as much magnetism on his likely deathbed as he did for a nation still in the process of defining it's identity.

Ariel Sharon may have been a monster or a leader of men, but he was able to embrace paradigm shifts like few leaders have done - shifts that meant the sacrificing of sacred positions as well as the aggression of neighbors to hold fast a dream. The imprisonment of Yasser Arafat may have hastened his end, or it might have been merely the fading of a generation. What lies ahead is as hard to predict as what went before, were one to travel back in time to the birth of the Israeli nation.

The steersman is away from his tiller.
The hyenas are laughing their sinister song
The desert is silent and dark
The old men are encircled in their secret councils
Arik is in his winter retreat
A winter after his enemy went to the sunset land

Worthy of note: Christopher Hitchens's opinions on The Bulldozer
My memoriam to Yasser Arafat last Armistice Day (my first article on blogcritics)
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