Sunday, January 22, 2006

How to Mail Merge with Microsoft Word and Excel

As part of Desicritics, I've been trying to figure out how I can continue to use my Gmail account for communication and also be able to send individualized messages to the writers' group. This fine and easy tutorial really helped me fathom Mail Merge between Word and Excel

I created a Web Query in Excel to pull the writers' fields - username, email, etc. from the site, and wrote a template message in Word. I also setup my GMail account as a POP account in my Microsoft Outlook. The merge works fine, except that it saves every message in the Outbox. I need to open each and select Gmail as the account to use to send the email because I cannot figure out any way of selecting the From account within the Mail Merge process. It looks like it uses the default email address within Outlook, in this case, my corporate address.

I think I will set the default to GMail whenever I need to do such mass mailings, and save myself some effort:)

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