Friday, January 06, 2006 Launch

I am pleased to report the following news - the launch of Desicritics, the first franchise site of Blogcritics, the leading source of news and opinion is on January 26,2006.

Eric Olsen, editor and publisher of, puts it well,

I am very proud and excited to announce the impending launch of, which will be the first "franchise" site and will cover media, popular culture, politics, sports and much more with a South Asian focus. will be led by editor Aaman Lamba, whose perspective, knowledge and experience wonderfully transcend the Western and South Asian milieus. will be an English-language online magazine where South Asian bloggers, writers from the diaspora and those simply with an interest in South Asia, can create news, commentary, reviews, and interview content as the basis of a global community where writers and readers alike can interact, inform, discuss, dispute, make purchases, etc. - much as they do now on

The colloquial term for people from South Asia is "desi." This has rich connotations and familiarity for South Asians. In an article about the South Asian party scene in the Big Apple, New York Times reporter Somini Sengupta described the word as a "Hindi version of homeboy or homegirl" (NYT, 6/30/96: "To Be Young, Indian and Hip").

The wave of globalization has increased the visibility and importance of regions like South Asia, but at the same time, the cultural milieu is poorly understood globally and the facts on the ground remain abstract for many. Thus, the insight into the South Asian dynamic afforded by will be of vital interest across the planet.

We expect to launch on January 26, 2006, with over 50 writers and bloggers of note from the worldwide South Asian blogosphere. Thank you for joining us on this very exciting ride!

Eric Olsen

If you would like to write for desicritics, or contribute in any way, or require information, please email me.

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