Friday, July 01, 2005

The Shore exclusive track available for download - soon

The Shore had an excellent self-titled 2004 album debut, which surprised many listeners with it's well-formedness, and styling - quite similar to the Verve and Oasis, yet with it's own perspective on emo-type themes. Songs like "I'll Be Your Man" and "Waiting For The Sun" were popular on the college circuit. I especially liked "Different Ways" and "It Ain't Right".

Although their influences are palpable and some might term them derivative, they have created a rich musical landscape that deserves repeated listening. A fuller review may follow.

In an innovative marketing stunt, similar to Audioslave's promo, the band is offering an unreleased track, "Lost Without You Now" for free download, but only after 30,000 people enable the download - since I was #242 today, they've got some way to go, although that can be a moment in Internet time.

The link provides a DRM-popup that plays track samples from the album. The new track "Lost Without You Now" is pretty good - not all of it played - the download becomes a sampler, playing "Waiting For The Sun" over and over. I'm interested in seeing how this file will become the full version of the song once the #30000 limit is passed.

The Shore/The Shore Urban Hymns/The Verve Don't Believe The Truth/Oasis Alone with Everybody/Richard Ashcroft

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