Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Amazon Hall of Fame Musicians

Amazon's 10th anniversary Hall of Fame musicians have sold the most CDs on Amazon. While this might seem a populist and arbitrary barometer for Hall of Fame status, the list itself is an eclectic selection of fine musicians.

1. The Beatles: Their musical evolution almost chronicles the growth of popular music and its spreading as a force of the good side against the structures of totalitarianism.

2. U2: Still going strong after 25 years.

3. Norah Jones: A voice to envy, and a father to respect, this singer's range promises to offer much to listeners.

4. Diana Krall: A rule-breaker in the jazz world, she's jazz's top-selling vocalist for all time.

5. Eva Kassidy: A short, short career - yet what a wonderful voice.

6. Frank Sinatra: A legend, an entertainer, and a man's man.

7. Santana: One of rock's most creative and long-lasting influences.

8. Enya: Massage therapists keep this singer top of the list in her league, but her appeal extends beyond them.

9. Bob Dylan: An ever-green cultural icon, he is like the gift that keeps giving.

10. The Rolling Stones: Still the 'world's greatest'.

15 other acts round up the Amazon Music Hall of Fame list.

The Beatles 1/The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The Beatles War/U2 Feels Like Home/Norah Jones The Girl In The Other Room/Diana Krall Watermark/Enya Highway 61 Revisited [Remastered]/Bob Dylan Exile on Main Street/Rolling Stones Songbird/Eva Cassidy Classic Sinatra/Frank Sinatra Supernatural/Santana

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