Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Quiz Time 5

Quiz Time 5

Yr Host - Aaman Lamba

Another quiz - some guest questions, some audio - click on the audio to play the clip or save to disk and then answer the question.

Note: The answers have been added.

The Questions - Stage I

1. This airline was started in 1955 when an American commercial pilot relocated several war-surplus Dakota Aircraft which he had been operating as a private air service after the end of World War ll. 49% of its shares were held by Pan American Airways during start-up. The logo of the Airline was designed by the king of the country in which it is now based and the design represents a swallow on a blue field, whose graceful fight has always delighted the people of the country throughout the ages, and the blue field was inspired by the precious stone lapis lazuli, found uniquely in the high mountains of this country. Which airline/country?
Contributed by Aniruddha Dutta


2. mpg Identify this popular song, which makes reference to a superhero in the last verse - the one in the clip actually. Who?

3. This 1932 film was the only film where all three Barrymores - John, Ethel and Lionel - appeared together. It gained notoriety when Prince Yusupov brought a multi-million dollar lawsuit against MGM for insuniating in the film that the lead character may have raped his wife. The film was bowdlerized to remove any such references and future screenings/prints carried a warning. Name the film, and what practice in films, now common, did this originate?
Contributed by swingingpuss

4. Another qn from Anirudha Dutta. This publishing house was established as 'The Scientific Press' in 1920s by Sir Maurice and Lady Gwyer with the weekly magazine 'The Nursing Mirror' as its first publication. T S Eliot left Lloyds bank and joined this company as an advisor in 1925. They were earlier specialist publishers for poetry and have been associated with as many as 9 Nobel laureates over the years. What am I talking about?

5. Robert Heinlein contributed much to writing, and English. Expand either or both of these acronyms found in his books, now popular.
a)"E.F. or F.F"

6. mpg Identify either the person providing the backing vocal to Robert Plant on this famous song, or it's source, as in, what is it based on?

7. pic1Identify

8. pic2Identify - to get any points, name the news organization he represented.

9. mpg3 These are the opening notes for which popular podcast?

10. mpg4 Borrowed from the podcast above, identify this artist doing a cover version of a popular song from a few years back by Oasis.

Send me questions, if you like at aamanlamba at Also, would it be a good idea to not have the answers up with the questions?

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