Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Audioblogger posts

Audioblogger provides convenient, tight integration with Blogger and audio posting using the telephone. You need to sign up with blogger.com, and then use your blogger account to register with audioblogger.com - once done, posting is as simple as calling 415-856-0205, identifying yourself, and recording your post, then confirming the publication. Upto 5 minutes can be recorded for a post, which is a limitation for serious podcasts, but they do have an option, not clearly stated of longer posts (contact them)

The applications are striking - easy podcasting, for one. Phone-sex-on-demand, hmm...

Another application, already up at adquiz, is to play a clip next to a telephone or into a headset, and upload it therein. Useful for quizzes, etc.

An interesting blog using audioblogger, and a great design, is Ears

This can also be integrated with wordpress, as radicalgeorgiamoderate shows in a tutorial, using blogger's email-posts feature - possibly valid for MovableType too.

Odeo lists a few podcasts that are using audioblogger to post their podcasts.

The following link may or may not work - a validation of whether they allow external linkage to their uploaded audioblogs.
this is an audio post - click to play

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