Friday, July 29, 2005

Quiz Time 6 - connections

Quiz Time 6

Yr Host - Aaman Lamba

Quizzing normally has two types of rounds - the dry rounds, which
unfortunately have little to do with spirits being imbibed or not, and the
audio/visual rounds. Some of the most interesting questions are
audio/visual connections - often these can be audio-audio or
audio-visual-visual, etc.

In this spirit, this quiz has a few of these types. I've also
fixed the bug from the last quiz that caused a new window when the
audio links were clicked.

Note: The answers have been inserted - how did you do?

The Questions - Stage I

1. Lamborghini cars are named for something. Miura, Jalpa, Diablo. What?

2. mpg What is the significance of this clip/advertisement?

3. These are two popular songs - connect them.

Coldplay's "Don't Panic" mpg
Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" mpg

4. pic1Connect this image and the audio clip.

Clip 1:mpg4

5. A conflict between Norma McCorvey and the
prosecutor of Jack Ruby has been in the news recently. What am I talking

6. What is the name of "The Bride" in Kill Bill?

7. pic1Connect this image and the audio clip

Clip 1:mpg5

8. pic2 pic1\3Connect these two images

9. Esmond Haddock, Dame Daphne Winkworth, The Earl
of Worplesdon, Digby Thistleton..Who's next in this series?
(Clue: Literature)

10. mpg4 Connect this famous song in the clip and the following verse:

Twelve o'clock.

Along the reaches of the street

Held in a lunar synthesis,

Whispering lunar incantations

Dissolve the floors of memory

And all its clear relations,

Its divisions and precisions,

Every street lamp that I pass

Beats like a fatalistic drum,

And through the spaces of the dark

Midnight shakes the memory

As a madman shakes a dead geranium.

Send me questions, if you like at aamanlamba at

Audio clips made using audacity

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