Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Amazon Hall of Fame Authors

Amazon, as part of its' 10th Anniversary celebrations, which include celebrity deliveries to lucky customers, a free concert featuring Bob Dylan and Norah Jones, and a wish-list spree, have announced their Hall of Fame, featuring the creators of the best-selling items in film, music and books.

The Amazon Books Hall of Fame also features short stories, essays and excerpts from upcoming works by the authors, linked below.

1. J K Rowling: The phenomenal Harry Potter series has earned Lady Rowling a Hugo, a Bram Stoker Award, and an OBE, besides being the most widely selling series on Amazon ever. Although she brings little literary experience to the table, her popularity spans generations, and continents. Saturday should see much mirth and excitement the world over.

2. Dr Spencer Johnson: The physician-turned-inspirational author has many best-sellers to his credit, including Who Moved My Cheese?,and the One Minute Manager. The One Minute Manager has proved particularly effective in fostering an atmosphere of openness and encouraging innovation in businesses the world over. Who Moved My Cheese? is the No. 1 all-time best-selling book in Amazon's history.(Dr Johnson's message)

3. Nora Roberts: The prolific author of romance and mystery fiction, who also writes under the pseudonym J D Robb. The series In Death, featuring the police detective Eve Dallas is set in mid-21st-century New York and have been termed 'science fiction police procedurals'.

4. Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code is the No. 1 best-selling adult fiction novel of all time. His ability to blend a sinister collection of facts and myths into a believable tale is rare, and his popularity with the Da Vinci Code has given a new lease on life to his earlier works. He has also faced a slew of criticism for factual innacuracies, which hasn't hurt sales.

Seuss5. Dr. Seuss: Besides doing advertisements for Flit, Dr Seuss, or Theodore Geisel, became a household name through his popular children's books, some of which were made into Academy award-winning screenplays. He wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" to fulfil a bet that he could not write a book in less than sixty words.
Go make the oobleck tumble down
On every street, in every town!

6.John Grisham: The legal drama may have begun to weaken, but he can still carry a tale through many twists and turns, before it's foregone conclusion. While he may be no John Macdonald, he does spin good reads. His next novel, Grisham reveals to Amazon customers, is drawn from an unlikely source - an obituary in the New York Times

7. Stephen King: The Dark Tower opus complete, Stephen King has turned his attention to noir fiction, with the upcoming Colorado Kid. He has also shared an excerpt from his work-in-progress, the Pulse

8.J R R Tolkien: The myth-maker was named the best author of the twentieth century in a BBC poll. His Lord of the Rings opus has been reinvigorated for a new age by the epic films.

9. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins: The all-time Christian myth-makers have sold enough books to surpass the height of Mount Ararat, if stacked up. Jerry Jenkins provides the writing talent for this Dynamic Duo, defenders against evil, doomsday and all that jazz.

10. Jim Collins: He studied the transition between average and great companies, and how most companies fail to make this transition in "Good To Great". He has provided an audio essay on the importance of leading a disciplined life.

The list provides 15 additional best-selling authors, some great ones.

11. Dr. Phil McGraw (how he adopted his dog Maggie)
12. Dr Robert Atkins
13. C S Lewis
14. Mitch Albom (stories by him)
15. Ken Blanchard
16. James Patterson(The power of stories)
17. Stephen Covey (Constant self-renewal and a video)
18. Mary Pope Osborne (A book excerpt)
19. Marcus Buckingham
20. Lemony Snicket
21. John Maxwell
22. Janet Evanovich
23. Robert Kiyosaki(The difference between employees and entrepreneurs)
24. Arthur Agatston
25. Tom Clancy

Generally speaking, the best-sellers on Amazon seem to come from the fields of self-help, fantasy, dieting, management and crime fiction - and few other categories.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)/Mary GrandPré Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)/Mary GrandPré Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life/Kenneth H. Blanchard The One Minute Manager Anniversary Ed : The World's Most Popular Management Method/Spencer Johnson Origin in Death/J. D.  Robb Black Rose (In the Garden (Paperback))/Nora  Roberts The Da Vinci Code/Dan Brown The Lord of the Rings (Leatherette Collector's Edition)/J. R. R. Tolkien The End Times Controversy: The Second Coming Under Attack (Tim Lahaye Prophecy Library)/Tim LaHaye Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't/Jim Collins The Colorado Kid (Hard Case Crime)/Stephen King Digital Fortress : A Thriller/Dan Brown The Broker/John Grisham

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