Sunday, June 19, 2005

Batman Begins - thoughts and reviews

The new Batman Begins film seems to be causing much fine creative outpouring. I especially like "Dark Knight Of The Soul" at, with copious links

Things we-- and Bruce Wayne-- learn during Batman Begins:

Terrorists want to spread fear and panic: that's the point of terrorism, not a side-effect. Terrorists love it when the fear and panic they cause make the target society do stupid things.

The worst weapons modern terrorists can use are the ones they'd like to steal from us.

Large numbers of riot police almost always mean that local or national government has already done something wrong.

If you listen to scientists, support basic research, and plan for public health emergencies now, you might prevent widespread death and destruction later.

Americans love enormous armored cars. (At least, they used to.)

Terrorists hate big cities. has a roundup of 'Batman Begins" reviews on the site. It looks like it has done $71 million so far.

Rottentomatoes collates press reviews, and an 82% tomatometer rating for "Batman Begins"

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