Friday, August 05, 2005

XBox 360 Rumors

Apparently, there will two flavors of the XBox 360 - one at $299 and one at $399 - the $399 one will have all the goodies - harddrive, etc.

15 games and 1.6 million units will be launched

Source: ConsoleWars
Today Piper Jaffray research firm released some information on Microsoft’s next generation console Xbox 360. According to their research, the Xbox 360 will come in two flavors. One will be a value version that will be priced at $299. The other version will be priced at $399 and will include "additional hardware components (e.g., hard-drive option, extra controller, memory option) that core users will likely buy anyway." The research also confirms 15 titles available by launch with up to 40 titles by years end. At the moment there are over 160 Xbox 360 titles in development around the globe.

No Halo 3, though:(

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