Monday, August 08, 2005

The Tyranny of Digital Distance

A fine post via blogcritics on "The Tyranny of Digital Distance",
Think about what we might consider the tyranny of digital distance insomuch as the potential and, indeed, expectation of synchronous global culture (at least for English-speaking countries) leads to a constant state of delay and annoyance when the promise isn't met.

This is specifically with reference to Australia, but the even greater digital distance between the 'digital haves' and the 'digital have-nots' is staggering. The question 'What are these Internets you speak of?' would not be unusual for millions across the globe.

Specifically with regards to the correlation or synchronicity of global culture, the author makes some notable points in that unless the synchronicity is leveraged, it can mean a propensity to digital theft, and worse, an information/knowledge gap wherein the grand vision of technology as a unifying, healing force is foiled.

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