Friday, August 05, 2005

Displaying bookmarks on blogger blogs

I've been trying to get my posts show up on my blog for a while - I'd found a couple of techniques for wordpress, movable type, etc., but nothing specifically for blogspot.

Well, a little research today has paid off well - there are now two tables in the left sidebar that display my recent posts - do tell me which one looks better.

The first uses the provided documentation and javascript - this is surprisingly configurable, even displaying the tags for each post pretty nicely. One is able to manage the display via css, as I have done, to align it to one's personal preference or template.

The second is via eLamb's site and shows how to take a RSS feed URL and parse it through one of the numerous RSS parsers on the web to generate javascript/html code that one can paste on one's site.
Get the RSS URL of your choice (orange RSS button located in the bottom left corner). Copy and paste that code into the RSS Parser of your choice. List of RSS Parsers:

It will take the RSS and crank out HTML with content baked fresh daily as the tag is updated. With no further work on your part.

The output, the second table in my left sidebar isn't as nice, IMHO, as the first table and affords less control - but one could roll one's own layout too.

Also from eLamb, I've found this technique for adding nifty buttons to add a post to, digg, or slashdot

Next up: Provide a text box to allow readers to categorize a post and publish those tags to

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