Friday, October 29, 2004

Victory or Bust !

Boston victory procession
The stuff-of-legends sort of win by the Boston Red Sox will create a sorely lost, presumed dead, sense of joie de vivre in the United States. It reminds one of the song by Al Stewart, "When Lindy Came to Town"

I want to be there in that crowd upon that bright, bright morning
And I can tell the world I saw a new day dawning
With my baby by my side in among that human tide
I want to be right there when Lindy comes to town

Every day is better than the one before it
If I see a raincloud then I'll just ignore it
Everybody says it'll get much better yet
It's 1927 and my whole life lies ahead

Gonna get myself a car and find a place to park it
Get a little cash and put it in the market
And on my wedding day I will turn around and say
There never was a better time than this one anyway

tickertape parade
In 1903, when Boston pulled off a victory against Pittsburgh, they were deemed the team of the century.It was a 'best-of-nine' playoff in 1903 and the start of the modern World Series. They were called the Boston Pilgrims then. After 1918, they have not won since - times sure have changed, but evidently not the passion and ardor of the desire to win - carpe diem!
Boston fans will celebrate from Bangor to Brattleboro, Nashua to Nantucket, Waterbury to Woonsocket

The October 17, 2003 entry for bloggerrabbit, had an interesting odds spread

To all Boston Red Sox fans. The Blogger Rabbit Sports Book is now open and taking bets in the categories that follow. To make this fairer to those partial to betting on the Red Sox the over/under will refer to the actually happening of the event plus or minus the spread.
Libya puts a man in space +10 years Vs. Red Sox win a World Series besides the one they won in 1918.
Interstellar Ship Captains actually do meet and date gorgeous blond-haired, blue-skinned women who speak fluent English without any prior contact with the human race -18 years Vs. Red Sox win a World Series besides the one they won in 1918.
Yassir Arafat dies and the Israelis finally figure out they cannot negotiate with him +3 years Vs. Red Sox win a World Series besides the one they won in 1918.

He came pretty close, methinks with the Arafat bet, apparently the old warrior is pretty unwell.

Victory of this nature is a heroic achievement. The effects could play out as far as the election, though given Mr Kerry's penchant for infelicitous gaffes on the playing field, he should watch his verbiage. It should be declared a public holiday, at least in Boston. Let the bells ring!

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