Friday, October 22, 2004

Homosexuality & the Self

One aspect of identity that is gaining ground as being pre-determined, and not a choice is homosexuality

The schism seems to be more prevalent in the United States, and in the Middle East, both of which areas seem to be drifting to the right, and thereby widening the chasm with the rest of the world. Andrew Sullivan, a writer I admire, has much to say on the same.

Conservative Christians point to Biblical references opposing homosexuality. Interestingly enough, every reference cited as anti-gay in the Bible is on closer reading, found to have various shades of meaning, none homophobic in the modern sense. An excellent review of the aspects of this debated area are at - my favorite is the debunking of the Sodom myth - Sodom - apparently meaning burnt and not the current flavor.

The real story of Sodom may well have involved a mob driven by fear and hatred, attempting to humiliate, by rape, people that they do not know. Ironically, the Sodom situation has many parallels to gay-bashing today, with members of the public trying to assault gay and lesbian strangers who seek shelter from the mob.

The decision by the Honorable Supreme Court of Massachusetts on gay marriage is a path-breaker and will presage a wave of sense, one hopes, else a further tilt in the other extreme. But then again, historical cycles require extremes before the necessary regression to the mean

Saved is a great film in a very subversive way - subversive in the sense that a professor of mine once explained to me - it's best to subvert the system from within.

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