Monday, October 25, 2004

Art & Identity

Mari has a pretty interesting blog - I like the juxtaposition of personal and artistic elements - one gets an impression of a depth not seen most places.

A compelling image from Quance's blog Art uploaded by Quance

The choices one makes in art - the choices one makes in life - is there much difference?

My skills have mostly tended toward verbal art, rather than visual - I always loved seeing art, and so in one form (visual) I'm a reader, and in another (verbal) I'm a creator/writer.

David Bourke

What one needs is a Gutenberg project for art - wherein the art-lover can reference fine art images for free, it's next to impossible to re-use art images on the web due to all the copyrights and wrongs.

Degas' Dance Posted by Hello

Who Am I? A question often asked in Art Posted by Hello

Degas' Horses - art as action Posted by Hello

Some excellent photographs are at Texas A&M's site

Independent, undiscovered artists give one a secret pleasure, almost as if one were being let into a private world, a superhero with a secret identity. Here's one I like
Art by Jaakko
The artist's site
has other good examples

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