Sunday, October 24, 2004

Body art and Identity

Body Paint
That's a great image. One gets the feeling that is how nymphs, more precisely dryads, are supposed to look.

Would you believe there is an entire magazine dedicated to Body Paint - the Body Paint Magazine terms the art form "the ultimate in human body expression"
Image from BodyPaintMag

Aboriginal communities use body painting as a means of cultural identity, apart from creative expression.

In India, painting the hands & arms with henna or mehndi, is a popular custom, The word henna in Sudanese, means happiness.
Henna hands

Of course, this art form is also a very ephemeral one. It, in effect, allows the transformation of the identity of the artist/subject for a short while.

Tattoos are a more permanent form of body transformation. The Native American Tattoos have been a mark of identity that set the tribe members apart in distinct ways. pidly, reflecting larger shifts in society. Tattooing virtually disappeared in Polynesia, partly due to Western influence, but it is now being revived as an assertion of ethnic identity.American Indian tattoo

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