Tuesday, February 22, 2005


One can tell much about a person by the books he/she reads, the films and the languages, the places visited, the loves lost, the memories found.

A meme circulating asks the question "Which authors have you read more than ten books by? " - one source for the meme is the purple pen, although it is probably more distant in origin.

Here's my initial list:

Terry Pratchett
Stephen King
Enid Blyton
Isaac Asimov
Salman Rusdhie
R K Narayan
Robert Jordan (finish the series, dammit!)
John Le Carre
Philip K Dick
Arthur C Clarke
Larry Niven (and collab.)
Arthur Conan Doyle
Alan Moore
Anne Rice
Harry Turtledove
Edgar Rice Burroughs
John Macdonald
Michael Moorcock
Kahlil Gibran
Anonymous (That prolific author)

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