Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dubyaman And The Common Man

I've been meaning to share a interesting cartoon that began appearing in the Times Of India a few years ago. Conceived by the humorist/author Jug Suraiya, of whom I have blogged, it features a thinly-disguised George W Bush, as Mr Incredible-like Dubyaman, protector of democracy, freedom, and purveyor of Bushisms. The comics are drawn by Neelabh Banerjee.

Jug Suraiya has received bouquets and brickbats - the gallery of Dubyaman cartoons at the Times of India website seems to be currently down - I shall post links later. For now, one selection:

Today's cartoon - very topical, in more ways than one

These cartoons do not reach the exalted status of nonagerian R K Laxman from India, whose Common Man cartoons have counterpoised Indian history from Independence, and are still going strong. He was awarded India's highest civil honors this year at the Republic Day celebrations. He was earlier awarded Asia's top journalism award, The Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Rs 15 crores loss here? Excellent.
I thought everything put together our
village did not have more than Rs 50!

He described his immortal creation, the Common Man as, "I had to create this mythical individual in a striped coat, with a bushy moustache, a bald head with a white wisp of hair at the back, a bulbous nose on which perched a pair of glasses, and thick black eyebrows permanently raised, expressing bewilderment. He voyages through life with quiet amusement, at no time uttering a word, looking at the ironies, paradoxes and contradictions in the human situation."

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