Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Media Survival

From Forrester Research's magazine, News Corp President Peter Chernin lists ten rules for media survival - pithy and interesting. Open for debate. My personal opinion is that digital communication and consumer choice are fundamentally changing traditional media. Not necessarily for the better, though.

1. Consumers are not driven by technology
- This seems odd - the tech-savvy consumer should be the norm by now.

2. The wired home changes nothing
- I would beg to differ. Digital media convergence in my home has changed my media consumption to a blend of web, film and television.

3. Media companies and advertisers must redefine their relationship
- Indeed. Transparency in advertising. Eyeballs moving to new media sources

4. Consumers reject complacency, not advertising

5. Contact is still king, but financing the kingdom is complicated

6. If content is king, then marketing is the crown prince
- Then there was the royal scam

7. Get noticed

8. It's a small world after all

9. Nothing compares to live

10. All other rules are meaningless if our content is not protected from digital thievery
- Strong choice of words there.

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