Monday, January 24, 2005

Unexpected Recognition

I was pleased and humbled to note that this person has awarded my blog a personal award. It is always good to know there are actually readers out there.

Probably means nothing to other people, but this is my personal "Best Indian Blog[ger] 2004" ceremony.
- The Best Overall Blog by Someone With A Hint of Curry In Their Blood: Anil Dash.
- Blogger Who Always Manages To Make Sense/Never Annoys Me Even When We Disagree [and who's part Indian]: C of Reflexive Disorder.
- Best Topical Blog by Someone With An Indian Connection: Aaman Lamba
- Best New Indian Blog/Blogger: Moron Mountain
The call for nominations was a facade. I'd already picked my personal winners. Ha!
The hammer goes yo and the hammer goes yay
And the rest can go and play.
Oh, as for your prizes, you win yourself my appreciation and respect. I can hear you say "pompous, stingy prick" under your breath, so shush now.

Tell me how I'm doing, and what can I do better.

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