Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Review: Scream & Bone

An article yesterday informed us that Billy Idol will be releasing a studio album of new songs in 2005. The first single is just out on iTunes - "Scream".

It is an anthem of 80s Rock at its best. It begins with a rising guitar crescendo, that takes off into an underlying bass track, which stays pretty constant through the song. An extended guitar solo in the middle is reminscent of Yngwie Malmsteen. Nominally, a love song, it is very sensual and erotic, besides making full uses of the trademark Billy Idol wail, or is that Scream?

The album shall be awaited eagerly. My favorite lines from the song(full lyrics):

You took me in the wild
No one around for miles
You ain't too proud to beg
Juice running down my leg

Another album is out finally in the United States: Tim Booth's "Bone". Lead singer of James, who provided "Laid", the American Pie song, he has had a few solo projects, but this is his first album. I was able to snag a UK copy a while ago. It is an unusual album, with a lot of references to the Monkey God, Hanuman, of Hinduism. The lyrics are bitter, wry and humorous. Good songs include "Wave Hello", "Fall In Love" and "Down To The Sea". Some of the songs are puerile/cryptic, such as "Redneck", with lines like "I’m just ice-cream/It’s all rama rama/I’m just space dust/It’s all rama rama" - that does have a complex philosophical connotation, but sounds extremely trite in a song. He has an excellent voice, and the album is quite good, overall.

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