Monday, October 31, 2005

Quiz Time 9

Quiz Time 9

Yr Host - Aaman Lamba

The Bangalore quiz scene in India seems to be going strong, from the emails I receive on quiz announcements from the Karnataka Quiz Association, my erstwhile quiz fraternity. And out of the blue, I received an email (and a call) from some old friends recently, who were classmates since second grade and the original members of our quiz team, Mustafa and the Fat Bottomed Girls. They are doing well, and validate, as it were, a certain theory of mine - quizzers do well, life-wise. We might be outre when it comes to knowing abtruse pieces of information, or interests outside the ordinary, but the faculties that go into being a good quizzer seem to help in the long run. 'Nuff said.

The answers have been added. Joan Hunt and Tiffany Leigh both scored 7 out of 10 - that's great. Thanks for playing and stay tuned

The Questions - Stage I

1. His experience of oppression in Turkey and the suppression of the Kurdish language inspired his 1988 play Mountain Language. He opposed the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He called George W Bush a mass murderer and Tony Blair a 'deluded idiot', and defends Slobodan Milosevic and Fidel Castro. He appears in "The Tailor of Panama" and was nominated twice for an Oscar. He was in the news recently, though for another reason. Who?

2. Identify this person pic1

3. What five sporting activities make up the modern pentathlon, as practiced in the Olympic Games?

4."Monday burn Millay, Wednesday ____,Friday ______, burn 'em to ashes,
then burn the ashes. That's our official slogan."
Fill in the blanks and provide the source of these lines

5. This is the core of which famous molecule? pic1

6. Which two teams played the first international cricket match at St George's Club in 1844?

7. Fill in the blank with an actor's name - as an assist, I've provided his picture.pic1pic1

8. Fill in the blank for this verse, and name the poet:

Pretty boys, witty boys, You may sneer

At our disintegration.

Haughty boys, naughty boys,

Dear, dear, dear!

Swooning with affectation...

And as we are the reason

For the "Nineties" being _________,

We all wear a green carnation.

9. In the premiere episode of MTV's Punk'd, the host Ashton Kutcher convinced a star that the IRS was seizing the star's property and boarding up the doors and windows of his home for not paying his taxes. Who was this unfortunate star?

10. Name the only baseball player to have been killed in a Major League Baseball game and his team.

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