Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quiz Time 8

Quiz Time 8

Yr Host - Aaman Lamba

After a prolonged hiatus, induced by much slogging, not at the crease, but under a sort of skunkworks, the new edition of Quiz Time.

Note: No answers for now, but post your answers below, or email them to me. Winners will be announced soon. Enjoy!

The Questions - Stage I

1. His mother was Swiss, and his father Scottish. They were killed in a climbing accident near Chamonix after the Great War. He was brought up by his aunt, went to Eton, had to leave after some 'troubles with the maids, went to Fettes College, a brief stint at the Univ. of Geneva. He lied about his age to enter the Royal Navy, then entered his line of business after the War, which has taken him to many places, most recently, Korea. He was married once, and has one son. Who?

2. In parliamentary democracies, it is called a 'Loss of Supply'. When a Loss of Supply occurs, a prime minister is generally required to immediately resign or dissolve the parliament. Examples were the Australian Constitutional Crisis of 1975 and a similar instance in Ireland in 1982. What is the corollary in a presidential system, such as the United States, which does not, however, force new elections?

3. Identify the artistpic1

4. In the science-fiction multi-verse,Order 66 was recently passed, with grievous consequences. What was Order 66, and who gave it?

5. Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips is a restaurant chain in the Northeastern United States, renowned for their very British fish'n'chips. They were very successful in the 1970s, and then faced a crisis in 1981 with the 'cod wars' between Great Britain and Iceland, which led them to replace their codfish-based dishes with pollack. This was not well-received, and among other reasons, led to a decline in the fortunes of the chain, and mergers, bankruptcy and other crises. The chain is still around, currently being revitalized under new management. Question: Who is/was Arthur Treacher?

6.This is an album cover. Name the album/band pic2

7. In anime, who or what is a seiyu?

8. Andrew Farriss (guitar and keyboards), Tim Farriss (lead guitar), Jon Farriss (drums), Garry Gary Beers (bass), and Kirk Pengilly (saxophone and guitar). __________(lead vocals)
Fill in the blank with two names - different people:

9.Irish poet, and Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney, composed a poem "The Beacons of Bealtaine", which was released on May 1, 2004. The poem has lines,

The May Day hills were burning, far and near,
When our land's first footers beached boats in the creek
In uisce, fionn, strange words that soon grew clear;

So on a day when newcomers appear
Let it be a homecoming and let us speak
The unstrange word, as it behoves us here,

Move lips, move minds and make new meanings flare
Like ancient beacons signalling, peak to peak,
From middle sea to north sea, shining clear
As phoenix flame upon fionn uisce here.

What was the occasion for this poem? (As in, what was being celebrated?)

3. Which world figure is depicted on this statue?pic2

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