Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Flickr Prints Now Available

The much-rumored and avidly awaited Flickr Prints feature has been rolled out today. You can get 10 free prints, available at your local Target store (U.S. only)

When you're browsing your photos on Flickr, you'll see an "Order Prints" button. Printing access can be controlled at various levels of privacy, much like the public/private flag already available on your pictures. Prices are competitive - the somewhat unusually sized 4xD (4x5.33) prints are 0.20 cents, and 8x10 prints are $1.99. Interestingly, one can order prints on real U.S. stamps, via Zazzle, which reminds one of the unfortunate Delivery options are either via mail, or at the local Target store, interesting fulfilment synergy there - what's next - pick up/drop off your Netflix films at Walgreens?

Entertaining oddities enliven the ordering experience, from the unusual print sizes to the glossy-only Target delivery option (matte and glossy prints are available via POMS - Plain Old Mail Service). Mailing charges are high - $2.29 for 1-25 prints - but there is no pickup charge at Target. Flickr advises against certain print sizes based on your photo resolution.

Additional value-added services such as photo-books and posters are available via QOOP - the Singularity draws near. You can get archive sets of your photos on DVD from Englaze.

There are no APIs available to make you a better photographer, yet.

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