Monday, November 21, 2005

Quiz Time 10

Quiz Time 10

Yr Host - Aaman Lamba

Here's another set of questions - give them a shot

The answers are up - Alisha/LegendaryMonkey topped the scores with 5.5, followed by Philip and swingingpuss at 3 - that's pretty good. Thanks for playing

The Questions - Stage I

1. Which film holds the record for the biggest opening weekend box-office gross ever outside of May

2. This person, under the name Sayako Kuroda, is in the news. How is she better known, and why is she in the news?


3. Without getting too technical, what is the Bradley Amendment in US Law?

4. The Cathars were a religious movement of the 10th to the 11th centuries C.E., which faced strong opposition from the Roman Catholic Church, and were suppressed through pogroms and massacres. They believed in a dualist view of the universe, and derived from the earlier Gnostic traditions. What term did they use to refer to themselves?

5. The Sims 2 introduced aliens, The Sims 2 University introduced Zombies. What innovation did The Sims 2 Nightlife introduce to Simcity?

6. What is the headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency, named after the father of the Canadian Space Program, called?

7. Connect the following: Kodak, Yahoo, Flickr? (Hint: Photos )

8. Name the artist behind this creative song -

9. Where would you find the BIKINI states and what are they?

10. The Broadway musical "Rent" has been made into a film, and is still seeing a great run on the stage. The playwright, Jonathan Larsen died before the play opened on Broadway. It features a group of impoverished musicians and artists struggling under the twin shadows of AIDS and poverty. What famous opera is it based on?

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