Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sexy Bloggers

Arianna Huffington's entry into the blogosphere has upped the ante for bloggers in sexiness - the following is my subjective and opinionated list of sexy bloggers, gender-neutral

1. Arianna Huffington - She could keep a marriage bureau running, let alone a blog. That outre accent, the overblown attitude, and the alleged wild lifestyle would make a lesser mortal weak-kneed.

2. Wonkette - Stylized, gossipy, humorous, and politically smart - did I mention good-looking? That picture of "Big Dick" Cheney had me in splits.

3. Adam Curry - From VJ-dom to Pod-stardom, this dude's got it down pat. The Daily Source Code is a must-listen podcast.

4. Clay Shirky: This e-folk guru writes on the socio-economic effects of the Internet and collaborative technologies. Notable articles include "The RIAA Succeeds where the Cypherpunks failed" and "Social Software and the Politics of Groups"

5. Xeni Jardin: Boingboing co-editor and culture-tech journalist with the NPR and Wired, a multi-lingual, globalized, hot, smart person.

6. Duke De Mondo: This Irish lad is a wild one, given to Kirsten Dunst-types, leastways in his public persona, which is pretty snarly, and acerbic, yet intelligent and intense. Check his myspace.com profile for a few insights, and his blog for more. Listen to the podcast he flings out weekly, and his albums.

7. swingingpuss: This gal serves up "Smut,mindfood & social commentary for the eclectic, intelligent mind and the insatiable libido" - someone after my own heart;)

8. Xiaxue: Call her Wendy or Xan Xan, or hot, just call her - this smart blogger is oomph-alicious. Singapore minutiae and life from another perspective.

While browsing the Net, one found this ancient post from Dawn Olsen at her old site on the ten sexiest male bloggers.
Number 1 - The amazingly sexy - James Lileks 75

Number 2 - The surly and sexy - Pejman Yousefzadeh 61

Number 3 - The gracious and handsome - Stephen Green 43

Number 4 - The sexy but even more surly - Tim Blair 43

Number 5 - The remarkably Moby looking, but undeniably sexy - Andrew Sullivan 33

The runners up for the next five slots are...

Number 6 - Proving smart girls have good taste -Josh Chafetz 29

Number 7 - Without any promotion or a campaign platform - Matt Welch 24

Number 8 - Definitely should have been higher - what's wrong with you people - Ken Layne 22

Number 9 - Not too many of us into the sexy professor thing - what a shame -Glenn Reynolds 23

Number 10 - Young, hot studs - but without the appropriate name recognition - Matt Moore and Jason Reigel tied at 19

Also, TBOTCOTW used to host the Sexiest Female Blogger contest, now defunct

Arianna Huffington

Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette)

Adam Curry
Adam Curry

Clay Shirky
Clay Shirky @Derrick Story/O'Reilly Network

Xeni Jardin, photo by Quetzalkanbalam

Aaron, Duke De Mondo



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